Gate Guild (Irsa Part 3)

Game 1

Each of you receive a summons (on 21st day of summer) to Shadow City via Royal Page Wizard (a wizard who’s function is to deliver messages by teleporting to the person) to meet with the king on the 33rd day of Summer when the sun is highest in the sky.

-Zuri must travel from Black Wall, traveling a total of 135 miles. It takes him 2 days and 7 hours to reach Shadow City.
He arrives in Shadow City in the evening of the 23rd day of summer, it is 47 degrees and a clear day. There is a gentle breeze that runs through the city and it seems dark as there is no moon.

-Nim must travel from Whitewater, traveling a total of 155 miles. It takes her 3 days and 2 hours to reach Shadow City.
She arrives in Shadow City in the morning of the 24th day. There is a thick fog that has descended over the city ( can not see more than 5 feet in front of you) and it is a chilly 58 degrees.

-Gery must travel from Silverfort, traveling a total of 215 miles. It takes him 4 days and 4 hours to reach Shadow City.
He arrives in Shadow City in the afternoon of the 25th day. It is a blustery day but it is a nice 73 degrees and the sin is shining.

-Tella must travel from The boarder of Fayfall and Fellmain, traveling a total of 275 miles. It takes her 6 days and 4 hours to reach Shadow City.
She arrives in Shadow City in the afternoon of the 27th day. It is a clear cool day about 65 degrees.

-Anthil must travel from the boarder of Fayfall and Hailwind, traveling a total of 360 miles. It takes him 10 days and 7 hours to reach Shadow City.
He arrives in Shadow City in the evening of the 31st day. It is a cool evening at 59 degrees and the wind is blowing a harsh breeze through the streets.

Game 2

Shadow city, to Bywell, to fogbarow.

Letter to elders at Ocean Keep

Elders of Ocean Keep,

I seek your assistance with matters of the King. The King has presented to 5 champions selected by Inda the keys that your fellows died to forge. I was selected as one of the champions and as a champion and fellow instructor at the sister school in Whitewater I would appreciate cooperation in gathering knowledge from you about the enemy we fight.

We leave for the town of Small in two days time from Shadow City. A mage will be sent for your response tomorrow afternoon when our champions meet prior to leaving the city so that we may all have the information provided in your response.

Using the keys we were transported to another plane that was very warm where an army was on the march. The creatures appeared to be dragons that walked on two legs. I was able to scry that there is a powerful being of a seemingly neutral nature that was linked to the plane.

Our questions for you are:
What plane do the keys send us to? What do you know of the power I sensed? What knowledge of a human size dragon on two legs and how best to combat it? How far spread from Small have the forces traveled? What are the theories of how the wizards could have been drained of their blood without wounds? Have further examinations of the bodes provided clues or more information that my help us in our quest?

I understand that this task was kept very secret but there are always pages, assistance, and kitchen staff who seem to know something of secrets so please interview the entire keep and provide a response.

I walk the path of light through the forest.

Nimlothien FleyneyNimlothien Fleyney


Welcome to Gate Guild.

This game is different from those that I usually run in two ways.

FIRST: You will not be making your own characters. I have made the characters for you. They will include important details about their history and back story. As a group you will decide who is best suited to play these characters. PLEASE go to the CHARACTERS section to preview these characters.

SECOND: You will be starting as Level 10 characters. I have never played with characters beyond level 6, so this will be new for me. We are all in the big leagues starting now.

For those of you who played in Shadow Heroes (Irsa part 1) you should know that we are playing in the same location (Fayfall) 50 years after the second fall of Warder. The land is no longer plagued by the undead. There is a new scourge upon the land.

It started off small. Just a demon or two in a cave. Sometimes explorers were killed. Then, they started to show up in the woods, and then one or two in a town. Now, the King of Shadow City has just announced that the town of Small has been overrun. The town is swarmed with Demons and nothing was left alive.

The eldest wizards convened with the Dwarves and Gnomes, and out of Builders City five keys were forged. These keys would allow only 5 of the strongest warriors to wield them. Together these warriors would bind together and forge the greatest hope for all the kingdoms. You are one of those warriors. You were summoned to Shadow City to meet with the King, retrieve your Key and rid the scourge from the town of Small.


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