Gate Guild (Irsa Part 3)


Welcome to Gate Guild.

This game is different from those that I usually run in two ways.

FIRST: You will not be making your own characters. I have made the characters for you. They will include important details about their history and back story. As a group you will decide who is best suited to play these characters. PLEASE go to the CHARACTERS section to preview these characters.

SECOND: You will be starting as Level 10 characters. I have never played with characters beyond level 6, so this will be new for me. We are all in the big leagues starting now.

For those of you who played in Shadow Heroes (Irsa part 1) you should know that we are playing in the same location (Fayfall) 50 years after the second fall of Warder. The land is no longer plagued by the undead. There is a new scourge upon the land.

It started off small. Just a demon or two in a cave. Sometimes explorers were killed. Then, they started to show up in the woods, and then one or two in a town. Now, the King of Shadow City has just announced that the town of Small has been overrun. The town is swarmed with Demons and nothing was left alive.

The eldest wizards convened with the Dwarves and Gnomes, and out of Builders City five keys were forged. These keys would allow only 5 of the strongest warriors to wield them. Together these warriors would bind together and forge the greatest hope for all the kingdoms. You are one of those warriors. You were summoned to Shadow City to meet with the King, retrieve your Key and rid the scourge from the town of Small.



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