Walking at a human pace for 1 day means moving 25 miles, or 5 squares. Walking for 1 hour means moving 2.5 miles or through 1/2 a square.

IMPORTS AND EXPORTS: If you try to sell the town something that it imports then you will get double the normal sell price for it. If you try to sell the town something it exports then you will get 1/2 the normal sell price for it.

PIC Name Race Deity Alignment

Strong (Gnhukk) Orcs Kord C/G

Far Reach (Oilm Mailnyir) Elves Corellon Larethian C/G

Greentin Human Ehlonna N/G

First Stand (Waahthk Thkazrt) Dwarves Korg C/G

Boot Human Yondalla L/G

Fallville Human Fharlanghn N

Tree Guard (Dhii Koeht) Halfling Ehlonna n/G

Sea Heart (Laail Irailmanla) Elves Corellon Larethian C/G

Westpine Human Obah-Hai N

Pine Human Obad-Hai N

Silverfort Human Pelor N/G

Whitewater Human Boccob N

Deepby Human St. Cuthbert L/N

Westerspring Human Obad-Hai N

Lightbank Human Heironeous L/G

Bywell Human Pelor N/G

Shadow City Human Heironeous L/G

Fogbarrow Human Pelor N/G

First Pass “Dwarves” Fharlanghn N

Ocean Keep (Urziaazr Gaarh) Dwarves Wee Jas L/N

Black Wall Dwarves Moradin L/G

Center Point (Ziarkah Rhurark) Dwarves Olidammara C/N

Assembly (Yoccaspmo) “Dwarves” Garl Glittergold N/G

Builders City (Piemtanc Ledo) Gnomes Garl Glittergold N/G

Safe Distance Halflings Yondalla L/G

Monsters: The monsters in my game are preset. They are in a certain place and if you go there you might find it. If you are level 1 and walk deep into a forest there is a chance you will run into a CR 10 creature. Be cautions! If you want to play it safe, stay on the roads.

Land Marks
PIC Name Type Notes

Barren Badlands Hot Desert Notes

Black Deer Forest Temperate Forest Notes

Blood Door Road/Canyon Notes

Broken Peak Temperate Mountain Notes

Crow Pastures Temperate Plains Notes

Davril’s Cove Temperate Saltwater Notes

Dusk Forest Temperate Forest Notes

Fog Wood Temperate Forest Notes
Golden_Plains.jpg Golden Plains Temperate Plains Notes
Great_Lake.jpg Great Lake Temperate Freshwater Notes

Hell’s Gate Fortress Notes

Hell’s Mountain Cold/Temperate Mountain Notes

Hollow Wood Temperate Forest Notes

Ilmsla Sea Temperate Saltwater Notes

King’s Forest Temperate Forest Notes

Knipuk Grasslands Warm Plains Notes

Laeyvla Temperate Freshwater Notes

Lost Sanctum of Evil -- Location Lost
Sore_Swamps.jpg Sore Swamps Temperate Marsh Notes

The Puddle Temperate Freshwater Notes

Thundering Rise Cold Mountains Notes

Ulfgar Hills Temperate Mountain/Hill Notes

Whitefox Fields Temperate Plains Notes

Wild Timberland Warm Rain-forest Notes


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