Silverfort is a two faced city.
For the common folk the city is a beautiful place. Travelers are always openly received and well taken care of. This city has the best health care system out of any human city in the region.
However, the city has an underbelly. It has a secret guilds for smuggling and illegal trafficking. Though the majority of the city worships under Pelor a significant part of the city secretly follows Olidammara. Many of the best rogues in region come from Silverfort.


Deities: Pelor
Reputation: Neutral, Good
Size of City: Large City
Population: 23,460 Adults
Gold Piece Limit: 40,000.00
Famous: Health Care
Infamous: Smuggling

Important NPCs

PIC Name Race About
Wine Spethey Human Silverfort Mayor. Wine is rough in appearance, with braided gray hair and hazel eyes. He wears fine raiment and jewelry.

Unique Items:

Item Cost Description Book and Page
Hospitaler’s Mead 8 sp/mug Mead: A strange drink of average taste and a herbal taste, this light mead has the effect of healing 1 hp of damage for every 2 Mugs drunk.
Highland Mist 4gp/Pint Beer, A human version of Silverforge Rare that seems to have earned the grudging respect of the dwarven master-brewers
Devil Spit 2 copper/Pint Beer, Though made by humans, Devil Spit is said to make some of the goblin brews seem good
Serpent’s Tongue 5 silver/small glass Spirit
Greater Lockpicks 250gp 1lb. Made of extremely resilient and flexible materials, a set of greater lockpicks are always considered masterwork but their quality and physical construction goes beyond even that level of skilful craftsmanship. Greater lockpicks are only useful for Open Lock checks, but they add a +3 circumstance bonus to all such attempts. Greater lockpicks cannot be used in conjunction with masterwork thieves’ tools as they are a redundant set of equipment.
Tick Cards 5 gp There are a variety of different kinds of trick cards. Most such cards are either marked in some way (with a pattern on the back, or a notch on one or more edges) or have an unusual stack of cards (all 3s, all hearts, etc.) Each trick card deck is used for a single card trick and cannot be used for any other.
Restful Candle 100 gp. 1 lb. This thick blue candle burns slowly, filling the air with a sweet, relaxing scent for 8 hours. These candles, although slow to function, have tremendous restorative abilities. Characters that spend a night of rest sleeping within 20 feet of a lit candle heal at twice the rate they normally would. After a day of light activity, characters who rest under the influence of the candle heal double their level in hit points and 2 points of ability damage. After a day of complete rest, characters who sleep under the influence of the candle heal three times their level in hit points and 2 points of ability damage. The benefits of a restful candle stack with those provided by someone providing long-term care with the Heal skill. Arms and Equipment Guide pg. 33



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