This small city is surrounded by rice farms. Though they are a very lawful society this is not what they have become famous for. Whitewater is said to raise and train the best horses in all the realm.


Deities: Heironeous
Reputation: Lawful, Good
Size of City: City, farms nearby
Population: 7,661 Adults
Gold Piece Limit: 15,000.00
Imports: Horses
Exports: Rice
Famous: Polite
Infamous: Potholes

Important NPCs

PIC Name Race About
Phone Gysby Human Mayor of Whitewater. Phone has thin gray hair and brown eyes, and small ears. She wears fine raiment and a sable fur cape. Phone compulsively plays with her hair.

Unique Items:

Item Cost Description Book and Page
Dragonblood 8 gp/glass Spirit: Spicy liquor with a hint of sweetness.
Everlasting Feedbag 15,000 gp 1 lb. This feedbag has a small medallion on it with an embossed cornucopia symbol. When placed around the muzzle of a horse, donkey, or other equine animal, it produces an unlimited amount of suitable feed. Care must be taken that the animal does not overeat, and most creatures must still eat other plants for proper nutrition. The feedbag produces nothing when it is not placed around an animal’s muzzle. Arms and Equipment Guide pg. 132
Saddle of the Pegasus 16,875 gp. 25 Lb. This exquisitely crafted saddle is heavily adorned with the feathers from pegasi wings. The saddle adjusts to fit any normal sized horse, donkey, or mule. When securely placed, it allows the steed and rider to fly (as the fly spell from a 5th-level caster, except maneuverability is clumsy) three times per day upon command. The saddle acts as an exotic military saddle for the rider. The first time someone uses this saddle on a steed untrained in flying, the rider must make a DC 15 Ride check to keep the steed from panicking. Arms and Equipment Guide pg. 136



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